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new version of semagic released {} [Public]

Semagic version is out. Missed a few updates in between and this one, so there's a lot of changes -- looks like Semagic updates are coming a LOT more frequently than ever before. (Heck, it once went almost a year between updates!) Here's what's new, changed, and fixed: Image upload to; copy/paste of image files from Windows Explorer; fixed medium image size selection for Flickr; image galleries and security groups at LJ Scrapbook via new API; drag-and-drop of image files in WYSIWYG mode; fixed tags autocomplete; image upload to LJ via new API (so called Simple); posting to Typepad instead of closed (R.I.P.); tags, location and categories autocomplete; user tag with title; and the EN and RU dictionaries are packed with the installer.

Download it here (for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7) or here (for Windows 95/98/ME).

Save the file somewhere on your computer (your Windows desktop is a good place), and then double-click the file to install it. (If you're already running Semagic on your computer, make sure you close Semagic down completely before installing the new version!)

If you have problems or questions, this is NOT the correct place to request help!!! I am in no way affiliated with the Semagic software nor its developers. Please direct bug reports, usage questions, feature requests, etc. to them in either their official community (preferred), or their Sourceforge page.
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